With us, improving your logistics performance has never been easier.  

Supply chain consulting is an important pillar in DTH-Services Ltd. business model. Our vision is to make use of all the available resources-at customers’ premises to the fullest in order to increase productivity and efficiency and we understand that many businesses, particularly small and medium sized companies, due to various reasons, are having their internal logistics sector underperformed, therefore we make endeavor to help companies to tackle the toughest issues by offering them consulting services that are comprehensive, feasible and cost-effective with the optimum goal is to help our customers to cut costs and increase efficiency in their operations.

Most of our target customers are companies that have long struggled to cut logistics costs, to boost their warehouse capacity, to re-design warehouse layout toward more efficient settings, to reduce lead time or to reconfigure the whole logistics process, etc. To those customers, we offer in-depth analysis of their status-quo and then based on statistics and verified information, we would suggest solutions.

We have a strong group of experts who have many years of experience in logistics industry as well as in IT area, moreover, our partners from Finnish academic institutes are also frequently consulted when needed. In addition, our logistics solutions that we offer to customers are strongly backed up by our data analytics team, who uses the latest technologies to identify issues and visualize solutions. Besides, the legendary Lean & Six Sigma methodology is strictly followed to ensure the best resolutions to our customers.

As managers of a business, if you wish to improve logistics performance, do not hesitate to contact us, our expert will come to you and together, we make things work the way they should. We believe, your success is also our success.