At DTH , we offer different kinds of jobs in various locations with flexible working times for students. So if you are looking for a part-time job at a warehouse along with your study or jobs during your summer vacation, do not hesitate to hit the register button below. Our summer jobs often begin in May and last until September. Moreover, you can also work as a seasonal worker during your winter or spring holidays.

We strongly value and always welcome those who are hard-working, reliable, responsible and with can-do attitude. When working with us, you will be guided by our senior employees.Therefore, work related experiences are what we highly expect, however,if you possess the mentioned attributes, be brave to join us, even if you have limited work experience, we will not let you work alone unequipped. With the optimum concern of promoting personal growth at work, we aim at creating a learning environment right at work, so you can learn while working and also apply what you have learned from school.