Warehouse operational excellences as enterprise’s competitive advantage.

Operational excellences at warehouses act as a strategic competitive advantage for not only large multinational manufacturers but also for small and medium enterprises. With the goal of helping customers to achieve excellences, DTH- Services Ltd. offers comprehensive services from goods reception to dispatch to all range of customers from giants to start-ups in different industries across Finland.

With a strong group of highly skilled professionals who have dozens of years experience in warehouse operations, we are confident in assisting our customers with designing and implementing all stages of inhouse logistics.

By understanding the cores of logistics advantage, we strive to optimize all warehousing processes, so as to control the variability, implement sustainability and deal with uncertainty. We are operating in various industries such as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), food, spare part, etc.

We serve our customers by deploying our staff to customers’ premises, where we can actually carry out the warehouse activities professionally as well as offering our customers optimization solutions.

Our experts are pleased to share their insights with your team members. We believe that with fruitful collaboration, improvements in productivity can be available.