Software plays a central role in the way we operate at DTH. With the state-of-the-art technologies, we provide the best tools to manage the human resource with ease. We aim at utilising the modern technology-integrated  management method to serve our customers more efficiently.

Despite the development of technology, the popular way of managing human resources in the Logistics industry is still primitive. In term of business, that means companies are wasting money and time to receive the inefficient results.  

Our main product is DTH Management Software, which will be available in different platforms like Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Website, etc. The simple and elegant design of the software allows smooth interaction between human and human, human and machine. Hence, reduce the operation cost while increasing the efficient and user experience. (*)

Our software engineers strictly follow the agile methodology. With strict test driven development policy, we assure that our software solutions will exceed customer expectations. By using our tools, workers can easily register, get accepted, communicate and start working. In addition, managing tasks, workers, contracts, etc are easy using our software.

In addition, with a deep understanding of logistics business. We have flexible API structures that can boost your management performance and a Robust System to monitor and report your company's activities.

Our API will allows your system to interact with ours talents pools and tools using your own software. Our exclusive analytics system will generate the most critical information that your company needs to help managers see all activities regarding the company's logistics activities and quickly make adjustments. by using our API and integrations services.

To know more about our solution, please contact our Business Department.