Human resources as a critical part of the success of every business

At DTH Services Ltd., we believe that human resources plays a critical part of the success of every business. Recruiting the right people for the right job at the right time is, therefore, our main and most important duty.

By offering customers the right candidates for their vacancies, DTH wishes to help customers get rid of all human resources management work; to reduce the operational cost and most importantly, DTH ensures to improve customers' operational performance with its expertise and experiences.

When collaborating with DTH, customers will be served by experienced Human resources professionals, who have strong know-how and background in the recruitment process. We offer our customers well-trained professionals who can flexibly work full-time, fixed-term, part-time, seasonal work such as summer time and other peak times.  

Thanks to a smart integrated management system, DTH is able to offer its customers both low cost and high efficiency services. Particularly, with a competitive pricing strategy, DTH ensures that our customers will receive excellent services at most affordable prices in the industry, thus will significantly cut personnel costs for customers.  Our optimum concern is to turn in-house logistics into a strong competitive advantage among our customers’ supply chains.

Beside offering staffing services for the in-house logistics industry, DTH is currently working closely with its partners, namely universities and professional training centers to provide trainings for job-seekers who lack of specific sets of skills for their career development. By equipping potential talents with proper professional skills and knowledge about their desired fields, i.e. IT, Logistics, Hospitality, Commercial Cleaning, Retail... we aim at providing customers in various industries well-trained and reliable workforces that have been trained and certified by Finnish institutes.