DTH offers you a wide range of Value-added services in warehouse operations beyond the basic picking and packing goods.With a highly flexible and experienced team, DTH can send its team members quickly to customer’s warehouses and execute the jobs without long waiting time or complicated procedure. Most popular value add services from DTH that are often inquired by customers are:

-  Packaging and labelling/re-labeling: This can include custom packaging, labelling,re-labeling and branding services.
-  Assembly and kitting: DTH team can assemble products or create custom kits for customers.
-  Receiving goods: This includes unloading goods from containers, checking goods’ condition and record goods-in amount on customer's system.
-  Quality control: DTH team performs quality control checks and inspections on incoming and outgoing products.
-  Order fulfilment:DTH team handles the entire order fulfilment process, including receiving orders, picking and packing products, and shipping them to customers.
-  Reverse logistics:DTH team handles the return and disposal of products, including repairing or refurbishing them as needed.
-  Inventory management: DTH team manages inventory levels, cycle counts and provides real-time visibility into stock levels.

By offering these value-added services, DTH can help customers streamline their supply chain operations and increase efficiency, save cost, increase flexibility, etc.